Full Service
Full Service
Full Service

Full Service

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Engine Checks

  • Oil change – the grade used will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation

  • New oil filter

  • New air filter

  • New spark plugs

  • Test/replace/top-up coolant as required

Chassis & Brake Checks

  • Brake callipers removed and cleaned

  • Brake pistons degreased

  • Hydraulic Brake Fluid System inspected, topped up or replaced as required

  • Control cables, levers and pivots (throttle, clutch, brakes) cleaned and lubricated

  • Adjustment of throttle and clutch

  • Battery electrolyte level checked and topped up as required

  • Steering play and race bearing kit – examined for any looseness and adjusted as necessary

  • Front fork – inspected and checked for operation

  • Rear suspension – inspected and checked for operation

  • All fasteners – including engine mounting and chassis bolts – inspected and tightened as required

  • Wheel bearings – checked

  • Main and side stands checked and lubricated

  • Headlight checked for aim and focus - adjusted as required

  • Fuel hosed checked

  • Tyre pressures – checked and adjusted as necessary

  • Chain – adjusted and lubricated as necessary

  • General lubrication

Road Test

A full service will include a road test to ensure the motorbike is running as expected.

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